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ZooKeeper notes


Key Words:

  • group messaging
  • shared registers
  • distributed lock service
  • wait-free
  • manipulates simple wait-free data objects organized hierarchically as in file systems
  • Zab (leader-based atomic broadcast protocol) to provide linearizability
  • relaxed consistency guarantees
  • watch
  • A-linearizability

Data model

  • file system


  • Sessions enable a client to move transparently from one server to another within a ZooKeeper ensemble, and hence persist across ZooKeeper servers

Services can be implemented

  • Lock with/without herd effect
  • Read/Write Locks
  • Double Barrier
  • Configuration Management
  • Group Membership
  • Rendezvous

Node Types

  • regular
  • ephemeral
  • sequential

Client API

  • create(path, data, flags)
  • delete(path, version)
  • exists(path, watch)
  • getData(path, watch)
  • setData(path, data, version)
  • getChildren(path, watch)
  • sync(path)

ZooKeeper guarantees

Linearizable writes (A-linearizability)

  • all requests that update the state of ZooKeeper are serializable and respect precedence

FIFO client order

  • all requests from a given client are exeuted in the order that they were sent by the client