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msg types of topics

rostopic type /gps/fix sensor_msgs/NavSatFix

rostopic type /gps/rtkfix nav_msgs/Odometry

rostopic type /gps/time sensor_msgs/TimeReference

rostopic type /radar/points sensor_msgs/PointCloud2

rostopic type /radar/range sensor_msgs/Range

rostopic type /radar/tracks radar_driver/RadarTracks

detail of message


This message holds a collection of N-dimensional points, which may contain additional information such as normals, intensity, etc. The point data is stored as a binary blob, its layout described by the contents of the "fields" array.

The point cloud data may be organized 2d (image-like) or 1d (unordered). Point clouds organized as 2d images may be produced by camera depth sensors such as stereo or time-of-flight.