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Raft Notes

Rules for Servers

All Servers

  • If commitIndex > lastApplied: increment lastApplied, apply log[lastApplied] to statemichine
  • if RPC request or response contains term T > currentTerm: set currentTerm = T, convert to follower


  • Respond to RPCs from candidates and leaders
  • If election timeout elapses without receiving AppendEntries RPC from current leader or granting vote to candidate: convert to candidate


  • On conversion to candidate, start election
    • Increment currentTerm
    • Vote for self
    • Reset election timer
    • Send RequestVote RPCs to all other servers
  • If votes received from majority of servers: become leader
  • If AppendEntries RPC received from new leader: convert to follower
  • If election timeout elapses: start new election


  • Upon election: send initial empty AppendEntries RPCs to each server; repeat during idle periods to prevent election timeouts
  • append no op to its own log
  • If command received from client: append entry to local log, respond after entry applied to state machine
  • If last log index >= nextIndex for a follower: send AppendEntries RPC with log entries starting at nextIndex
    • If successful: updaet nextIndex and matchIndex for follower
    • If fails, decrement nextIndex and retry
  • If there exists an N such that N > commitIndex, a majority of matchIndex[i] >= N, and log[N].term == currentTerm: set commitIndex = N